What is CrossFit?

“Constantly varied, functional movements and high intensity”

CrossFit is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program based on versatile and varied functional movements. The workouts are short and intense and they combine, for example, running, rowing, gymnastics movements, movements with a weight lifting bar, jumping rope and kettlebell movements. The specialty and strength of CrossFit training is its versatility and the fact that it does not only specialize in the development of certain qualities. The goal is to steadily develop all ten important qualities of an athlete:

  1. oxygen uptake
  2. muscular endurance
  3. maximum power
  4. flexibility and mobility
  5. explosive power
  6. speed
  7. coordination
  8. agility
  9. balance
  10. motion accuracy

For who CrossFit is suitable?

The personal training carried out in groups guarantees that CrossFit is perfectly suited as a strength and fitness program for both elite athletes and ordinary fitness enthusiasts. CrossFit exercises are customizable for people of all ages and fitness levels.


The functional movements used in CrossFit training are natural and safe. Functional movement is not training a single muscle, but practicing natural movements and trajectories.

High intensity

CrossFit workouts are short and hard, this guarantees the best results in the shortest possible time. One of the reasons for the popularity of CrossFit training is precisely the fact that you can train really effectively even in a short time. Although the exercises are hard and challenging, they are still suitable for basically healthy people of all ages and fitness levels. The difficulty level of the exercises can be adjusted to suit both top athletes and ordinary family mothers or seniors. In practice, adjusting the exercises means that the prescribed weight can be lightened (also increased) and the number of repetitions can be reduced or increased as needed. In addition, alternative movements have been developed for the most difficult movements.


No training week is the same. The same individual training may be repeated only a few times a year. The movements, equipment, duration, resistance, number of repetitions and environment used in training are constantly varied. Versatile workouts keep training meaningful. CrossFit training was originally developed for professionals whose work is physically demanding, such as police officers, firefighters and professional soldiers, in whose work the survival of people can depend on physical performance in the most unexpected situations.

Getting started with CrossFit

To start training at the CrossFit Routa gym, you must have completed the On Ramp beginner course. The CrossFit On Ramp course teaches the most essential techniques used in CrossFit, and each training session also includes the CrossFit exercise MetCon=metabolic condition workout. Already in the beginner course, fitness and strength levels will definitely increase! Anyone can participate in the course, regardless of fitness and skill level. After the course, there are prerequisites to participate in CrossFit classes. Sign up for the On Ramp course at the bottom of this page. All our On Ramp courses include about 10 hours of CrossFit training, you can find the course schedules Timetables-page

If you feel that you have sufficient skills to start training, then a separate viewing session will be organized together with the coaches. This is how we make sure that you have the necessary knowledge and skills under your control for independent CrossFit training. In this case, contact customer service.

On Ramp

On Ramp courses: course no. / month

On Ramp 081 Toukokuu

9.5. Tiistai klo 18:00-19:15

11.5. Torstai klo 18:00-20:00

13.5. Lauantai klo 12:30-14:30

16.5 Tiistai klo 18:00-19:15

18.5 Torstai klo 18:00-20:00

21.5 Sunnuntai klo 13:00-15:00

Vapaat paikat: 4

The On-Ramp course is a basic CrossFit course. To start regular CrossFit training, you must first participate in the On-Ramp basic course or demonstrate your CrossFit skills in a separately arranged viewing class. After the On-Ramp course, you can continue CrossFit training by purchasing the membership you want, such as: 12-month, 24-month or indefinite membership.

There are exercises 3 times a week, i.e. 6 times in total. One training session lasts 75-120 minutes. It is recommended that you attend as many classes as possible. However, things are repeated thoroughly several times during the course. Everyone who participates in the course must fill out the basic information form on our website, which is done when purchasing the product. Please read and accept the terms and conditions of the order and agreement before accepting the purchase.

the price of the course is €168

If you want to order the On Ramp course and 1 month of training after the course, select "yes" (this package is €218, €258 when purchased separately). The one-month training starts the day after the On Ramp course.

The group can accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

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